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Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm

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Why Should You Sign Up For Our Garden Veggie Plant CSA?

CSA's were invented to support small market farms by providing cash flow at the beginning of the growing season when many purchases are being made, but products aren't yet being sold. It's all about cash flow!! The CSA is a pledge of support from customers and a promise of abundance throughout the growing season from grateful farmers.

Just like small farms, we too spend more money than we make through the early months of the year, but we MUST in order to bring you the plant goodness all season long. Every dollar we generate in sales right now directly offsets additional debt our business takes on to pay for early season expenses like greenhouse labor and restocking the shelves. We truly appreciate your support of our business and promise to provide you with abundant garden goodness throughout the year!

Reasons to Choose Bare Root Trees:

  • More Affordable
  • Less Transplant Shock
  • Healthier Root Systems
  • Faster To Get Established
  • Easier & Lighter to Plant
  • Cheaper to Ship w/ Less Damages

Shop with us to support local schools and nonprofits in WNC!

Heirloom Apple Trees for Your Homestead!

Why Plant Fruit Trees?

  • Fresh & Delicious Homegrown Fruit
  • Increased Food Security
  • Less Reliance on Grocery Stores & Conventional Food Systems
  • Greater Variety - Varieties Not Even Available At Stores
  • Grow To Your Own Organic Standards
  • Beauty, Biodiversity, and Sense of Accomplishment!
  • Add Value to Your Property

Best Way To Plant A Tree!

Amendments Featured in Our Tree Planting Video!

Give your bare roots the coziest new home with these great soil amendments for Ultimate Tree Planting Success!

Punny Boop bunny manure pellets are our children's entrepreneurial endeavor - thanks for supporting their efforts!

Thanks for voting us Best of Asheville!

We truly appreciate you supporting our small family owned business! Your encouragement means so much as we build our dream and serve our wonderful community!

Still Unsure About What to Plant?

Consider a Virtual Landscape Design Consultation!

Come Learn With Us!

The 2024 workshop season is really shaping up to be extraordinary!

Do you lead workshops?

We would love to hear from you! We are looking for amazing leaders in the fields of sustainable agriculture, homesteading, traditional skills and more!

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