How To: Shop Plants Online

Are you new to shopping for live plants online? There is much to consider! Different sources provide information on plant origin, benefits, requirements, etc. When deciding which plants to purchase, consider other less obvious factors. A larger/older plant will be more expensive than a younger plant. The older the plant, the less worry you need for transplant shock. Also consider rootstock and research the implications these will have on future productivity. For more questions on how to value online live plants, ask one of our staff professionals!

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NC Native Trees

Learn more about native tree requirements, pollination, and more at the link below from the NC Wildlife Federation!

NC Native Trees

Fruit Tree Pollination

Learn more about what it takes to grow and cultivate your favorite fruits at the link below!

Fruit Tree Pollination

Fruit Tree Rootstock

Many of our fruit tree selections include details about the rootstock for the variety. Why does this matter? How does rootstock determine disease resistance, size, and hardiness? Check out the link below to learn more about the meaning of fruit tree rootstocks.

Fruit Tree Rootstock

How To: Plant Trees

So you've done the research and brought home a new tree. How do you plant it for success? Check out this video on techniques and tips for planting healthy trees into your landscape.

How To Plant Trees

Why Plant Natives: Carbon Banking

There are many reasons to prioritize natives in your landscape. Yet one of the more current issue reason is for the future of our environment. Check out the link below to learn how planting natives directly influences atmostpheric carbon.

Native Plants & Carbon

Pruning Trees

Pruning trees and shrubs is an important task for improved health and productivity. Check out the following link to learn more about how, when, and why to prune your trees and shrubs.

Tree Pruning

How To: Choose Perennials

Perennial plants benefit our entire living landscape from the pollinators, to the annuals, to the living soils beneath. Click the link below to learn more about perennial benefits, categories, and how to choose your ideal perennial plants.

Perennial Plants