General Shipping Info

All orders placed at this time will be shipped in March 2024.

Shipping FAQ

What do I do with my plants when they arrive?

Congratulations on your new live plant! To ensure that your plant stays healthy and happy, please follow these instructions upon arrival:

  1. Open the package and give the plants some air.
  2. Store them in a cool dark place until you are ready to plant and ensure that the roots stay moist. Best practice is to "heel" the plants into moist soil.
  3. Pot them up or plant them as quickly as possible!

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that the roots never dry out.

See our additional resources for information of best practices for planting your trees!

How much is shipping?

Shipping is automatically calculated based on a number of variables including the size of the trees in your order and how far away the destination location is. Larger trees cost more to ship. Smaller orders have higher shipping costs per plant, while larger orders generally end up with lower shipping costs per plant.

Other items such as strawberries, asparagus, horseradish, bunny manure pellets, and tree planting kits use weight based shipping rates.

Shipping rates are calculated by totaling the items in your order and adding together the shipping rates for each of those items.

If you are unsatisfied with the shipping rate that is calculated for you at checkout, please reach out to and we will evaluate your order and ensure that the shipping is calculated properly.

How will plants be packaged?

Bare root trees are wrapped with wet paper to keep the roots moist during shipping. We moisten the paper with a worm casting tea so that your roots will be super happy and ready to transplant successfully when you receive them!

Where do plants come from?

Bare roots are sourced from a variety of wholesale suppliers. We do many hours of research to find the highest quality and best varieties to offer to our customers. Rest assured that we have done the research and are bringing you the best we can find!

What do I do if plants arrive damaged?

We put so much care into packaging and shipping our plants and it is our goal for plants to arrive in great condition! Unfortunately, shipping issues can and will happen occasionally and we will do our best to resolve all issues in a satisfactory manner.

We have a certain amount of insurance on each package and a streamlined claims process.

IT IS CRITICAL that you contact us within 24 hours to report damage and make a claim. You must also take pictures of the damaged unopened package from all sides as well as up close on the damaged areas, pictures of the damaged product inside of the box and close ups of the damage, and the shipping label. Without these specific pictures, it will be very hard for us to win a shipping claim on your behalf. Please be diligent!

What if I think my bare root is dead?

We strive to send 100% alive and true to type plants! If you think your plant is dead upon arrival, please submit a claim within 48 hours. While we sort it out, you must keep your bare root cool and moist.

We will ask you to perform a "scratch test" and send photos of that scratch test. To perform a scratch test, you will gently scratch away the outer bark roughly 4-6 inches above the roots/original soil level. If there is green present in the inner bark, the plant is alive. If there is no green in the inner bark, the plant may not be alive (though some plants are a little tricky with this test.) Take photos of the condition of the plants (where you are storing and how you are caring for the roots) as well as a close up high resolution image of the scratch test area and send those in an email to

Rest assured we will collaborate with you to determine the plant condition and make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase! If we deem the plant to be dead we will refund the original purchase amount. If you are a local pickup customer, we may also be able to offer a replacement if we have any more stock available. If you prefer a replacement be shipped to you, you will be responsible for additional shipping costs.

Are plants organic?

Most wholesale nurseries do not grow organically. Once plant material arrives on site, we use all organic practices.

Where are we located?

2161 NC 213 HWY Marshall, North Carolina 28753

Avoid shipping costs and come visit us in the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains!! Marshall is a great town to road trip to and you can visit the Hot Springs just 20 minutes away while you are here!

What are store hours?

Winter Hours: Mon-Sat 9:30am-3:30pm

Starting Feb 2024: Mon-Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 11am-3pm

We are closed on all major holidays.

How do I contact The Farm Connection?

You can email us at or call 828-649-5055 during our business hours. We will respond within 24 hours.

We may prune roots and/or branches to fit into shipping boxes. Good news! Pruning will stimulate growth and branching of both roots and branches! Thanks for your understanding.